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Geoff SpozettaGeoff Spozetta 

Display Details of Saved Record

Hi All,

I'm using a the stnadard save option as in the example below, however I am wondering how within a visualforce page, I would be able to display/redirect the save button to a page that details the last submitted record or a list of all recent records in a visualforce
		<apex:inputField value="{!innovation_assurance__c.ID__c}"/>
		<apex:inputField value="{!innovation_assurance__c.Site_Location__c}" />
		<apex:inputField value="{!innovation_assurance__c.Fault_Description__c}" />
	<apex:commandbutton action="{! save}" value="Submit"/>

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
You will have to create a controller extension to create this updated functionality as you mentioned this is something addon and not available with the statndard save()