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Why do I receive automatic emails from Salesforce with many hours of delay?

Dear all,

For 2 days, I have been having the following issue : all the automatical emails my team and I usually receive from Salesforce (e.g. emails when a big opportunity is won, emails when I am trying a new email template and sending me a test email to preview the result...) are sent with a few hours of delay (usually at the end of the day).

So I tried the email deliverability test and I only received ~20 of the 32 emails I should have received.

Do you have any idea on why this is happening ?

Thanks in advance,
How are these emails being sent (workflow, apex, etc)?  If you look at the Email Log Files do you see them being sent to your MTA in a timely manner?  Are all of the addresses you are sending to on the same MTA (ie same email domain)?  If so, what happens if you send to an address outside of the domain? (for example if your domain is @example.com try sending it to an @gmail.com account)