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Brandon H. BarrBrandon H. Barr 

Lightning Builder Error: Converting circular structure to JSON

I am in the process of developing a lightning component but I have been running into issues when using the lighting app builder.

When navigating to People Tab > My User > Edit Page, I receive this error:

User-added image

As you can see, an error has happened during load. Notice that the error is behind the loading <div> rendering it unclickable.

I thought that this was an error in my own code. I deleted all lightning code from my org and tried again:

User-added image

I received this error in the console:

User-added image

In the first picture of this post, I was able to remove the loading box by deleting <div class="auraMsgBox auraLoadingBox" id="auraLoadingBox"></div> from the dom. Behind it was this error:

Uncaught error in umps|NA16$00Dj0000000KmGP_005j0000000S88z_02_7bc8b1ef-5370-411e-8ba8-673ec79653ca|0| : Converting circular structure to JSON

Has anyone seen this before or know of a fix/workaround?

Hi Brandon,

I was having the same problem and it turned out to be caused by the Lightning Inspector Google extension. Once I removed that from Chrome, I was able to get in without that error. Hope that helps.