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Shantelle ArgyleShantelle Argyle 

Quick Weekend Project

I am looking for someone to create a tool for exporting to a specific file type (I have no idea the best way to accomplish what I need, counld be Web Services, could be something built-in) that does the following:

1. Generate a tab-delimited file that will be used for import into our accounting software. Name file with an extension of .iif (Quickbooks import file).
2. The file will require specific header names, and a repeating pattern for each row of data. For example:

Row 1 - Header names
Row 2 - Second row of header names
Row 3 - Close header names section

Row 4 - Open Data Row
Row 5 - Data
Row 6 - Close Data Row

Rows 4-6 repeat that pattern until the data runs out. 

If you think this is something you can handle, please let me know and perhaps offer up a bid. You can email me directly at shantelle AT openlegalservices.org .
Adam OlshanskyAdam Olshansky
Hi Shantelle, are you thinking this should be done in Salesforce or possibly some other tool?  If you are looking to do it in Salesforce, I might suggest publishing it to CRM Market (https://www.crmmarket.com/).  There are people on that site waiting for Salesforce projects to bid on.  This forum is primarily for help with Salesforce developer questions though. 
Shantelle ArgyleShantelle Argyle
I am looking for it to be done in Salesforce. I don't understand your response, though. This is a jobs board for Salesforce, I see other posts just like mine, am I doing something wrong?
Adam OlshanskyAdam Olshansky
Oh whoops my apologies, didn't realize there was a Job Board here as well :) Feel free to disregard my response!
Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
Dear Shantelle Argyle,

You can email me on mudasir.salesforce@gmail,com

Best Regards,
G'day Shantelle. Checking in to see if your issue has been resolved, or if you still require development for this micro-project. If you are still in the market for a solution, please give me a shout.

Much obliged,

Jim Buchan, BP Sqn.
888-787-4CRM xtn. 120
Hi Shantelle,

I can automate this task for you, my bid is $100.

if you are interested, let me know at vivek.patel188@gmail.com

Shantelle ArgyleShantelle Argyle
Thank you everyone. I received enough bids.