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Paul OsnesPaul Osnes 

Stuck on flows; error loading flow prevents edit or delete

I'm really stuck here...

Tried creating the workflow for Trailhead Module 2 "Create a flow to streamline entry of new accounts, contacts and opportunities".  Saved and made active, tried to test and got an unhelpful error message.  Now I cannot reopen the message to edit, and since its active I can't delete to start over either.  Error message on open is:
User-added image
Thanks in advance for any help...
anto nirmalanto nirmal
Hi Paul,

Did you try to deactivate in the list of flows screen?.
Also please try to clone the flow and edit the new version to fix the error.

And please ensure you handle the exception in flow using fault steps.
So that the flow will not have any unexpected behaviour such as this.

Let me know if this helps.

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Anto Nirmal
Paul OsnesPaul Osnes
Hi Anto,

Thanks for your response, but there doesn't seem to be a way to deactivate from the list view, the checkbox is read only.  The Trailhead scoring system requires a particular name for the flow, so I won't be able to get past it unless I either fix the problem or delete the flow so I can reuse the name and I can't do either of those unless I can open the flow.

I don't believe customer support will open a case for the developers version, but I'll try...

Paul OsnesPaul Osnes
Solved: Switched to the Lightning Experience which has a deactivate link that is in front of the open command...