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Belinda StuartBelinda Stuart 

I am needing a client_Lookup_c field to be a controlling field to a picklist field if the client lookup field = Grid needed

anto nirmalanto nirmal
Hi Belinda,

Could not understand what you are trying to acheive. Can you please be elaborate?

Anto Nirmal
Belinda StuartBelinda Stuart
In SalesCloud - On the Cases Page Layout with a Layout Name of Appeal, in the Client Information section of the case layout page, can you create and add a field with the name “Blank Grid?”.  I would like for the “Blank Grid ?” Field to be dependent on whether the Client Lookup field selection contains “Blank”.  I would like for the field type to be a picklist with the options of:
1 Page
2 Pages
3 Pages
4 Pages
5 Pages
More than 5 Pages 
I have set up the Blank Grid field as a picklist with the above selections to choose from. What I am unable to do is set up the Client Lookup field as a controlling field to the Blank Grid field when it has a specific client chosen.