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Mary Tagler OLDMary Tagler OLD 

Trailhead: Calculating Volume of Cylinder

So far I'm 0 for 2 on the new formula trails. I know there's a bug in the checkbox and I think the instructions on Volume of a Cylinder should be clearer. Instead of stating the formula as V=πr2h; you should superscript the 2 or at least use ^2 to make that clear. Unless I misread the instructions twice, it doesn't mention that anywhere. My geometry is rusty, so I had to Google the formula.

William TranWilliam Tran
The formula should be V = Height*Area or PI*R*R*H  =h*π*r^2

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Mary Tagler OLDMary Tagler OLD
Yep, I now know the formula. My point is in Trailhead, the instructions are unclear and require clarification. There is no power carat before the 2, which changes the formular drastically. Further, there's no mention of it being squared in the text that follows.
Ryan William SchorrRyan William Schorr
The erroneous formula in this challenge has been fixed and is now displayed as V = πr^2h.