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Saumya Sharma 13Saumya Sharma 13 

Changes in Existing site urls while implementing My Domain

We want to enable My Domain for our Live org. we already have some existing sites working and we’ve implemented My Domain in our full copy  Sandbox, the urls for existing sites are not changed. Please let us know a possible reason for this and if implementing My Domain impact the existing Site urls in any manner.

Hi Saumya,

Site URLs use Force.com Domain, which you register before creating the first site in salesforce and my domain is different which affects the URL of Login, Application Page or Tab, VF pages.

The only impact to your site can be the intergration, if you have any calls back to salesforce then those endpoints need to be update, but you mentioned that your sites works fine, so I think you might have resolved that. I don't see any impact here now.
Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
Hi Saumya,

To be on safer side -
Make sure you have not hardcoded the URLs.
Secondly try to use a global merge field type to use when referencing information about the current Force.com site.
You can use these global merge fields list here on this link on your site -