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erin ryan 8erin ryan 8 

Calculate Accumulated Interest on an Account

Is this  Principal__c  *  EXP( Interest_Rate__c  * (YEAR(TODAY()) - VALUE(YearStarted))) formula supposed to be in a separate field , or appended to the IF(Principal__c < 10000, 0.02, IF(Principal__c >= 10000 &&
 Principal__c < 100000, 0.03, 0.04)) formula. I feel that the directions aren't clear.  Is all of this in one formula field or two. Thanks
Orquidea Perez 5Orquidea Perez 5

Same question here, I tried appending it to the other two fields but I get an error message. Create new field, "Calculated Interest on Account" no syntax errors but I don't see it working in action. 


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