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Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi 

How to refresh/reload the component record view after update the record in lightning component


       I have two components parent and child with rollup summary value. when i update child records the parent rollup value is updated. Able to check that update using pull to refresh. Is any other way to refresh the parent component/record(Rollup value) with out pull to refresh?. I have show that record details in record view passing recordid edit that record and click save have to refresh the parent component/record.

Please guide me to achive this.  

Example Code:
        <aura:attribute name="emp" type="Employee__c"/>      
        <div class="{!v.value == 'All Employee'? 'row primary' : 'row '}" >    
            <div onclick="{!c.gotoRecord}">    
                <force:recordView recordId="{!v.emp.Id}" type="MINI"/>    

Advance Thanks
James LoghryJames Loghry
Hi Siva,

Please check out the following link, where Skip explains this well:

Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi
Thanks James.

I have tried this sample with my record Id in default, but it causing error like ' Invalid Record Id or Record not accessible'.
       <aura:attribute name="id" type="String" access="GLOBAL" default="00128000009no1d"/>

If possible to use application event call the parent controller in helper once again to refresh the list?.Any other examples is there to achive this.