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Vivek DVivek D 

Case Milestones are not getting added until case record edit and saved

I have a scenario where I added an entitlement to a case. Entitlement has 2 milestones.
First milestones is getting added as soon as the case is getting created.
Second milestone has a condition that when case status or type changes to some value lets say 'X' then add second milestone.

The voliation action of first milestone has a field update action where it changes the type value to 'X' but still the second milestone is not added to the case. ONLY when you edit and save the case record without even changing anything the sceond milestone is getting added.

Why the second milestone is not added default. Is this is Salesforce Bug ?

sharathchandra thukkanisharathchandra thukkani
Yes, Violation action field update won't trigger the milestone. what you can do is on update of the field you can call asynchronus method @future method in which you will update the case again, this will help you.