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How to call an external URL to display information on VF page?

I have end point url(when opened it is in the form of XML as shown below which displays news information).
<title> <![CDATA[ ABCDEFGH ]]> </title>
 <link> https://news.com </link>
 <description> <![CDATA[ ]]> </description>
So my question is how to call that url and display news information on VF page.

As i am new to salesforce I am not understanding how to do that.
James LoghryJames Loghry
Typical news feed data is exposed as an RSS feed.  There are a few RSS readers on the appex, so if you can expose this as RSS, then that would be the easiest approach.

The other approach would be to wrapping this URL inside of an iFrame, but then you'll have to struggle with javascript in order to open the links outside of the iframe.