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Amit GoyalAmit Goyal 

Issue with the challenge question in Lightning Design System - 6th topic



In the above mentioned topic, we have a question: Which of the following is true about the Tile component?
I selected the answer "A. It is a grouping of related information associated with a record." which is correct as per my study and knowledge. It display this answer as wrong. even i have selected all 4 answer 1 by 1 to get the badge but it displayed all answer as wrong.

Now I am not able to get the badge and even if I will earn the badge than I will get only 25 point from this badge.
Please suggest something what's wrong with this topic's challenge.

James LoghryJames Loghry
Sometimes there can be gremlins in the system.  Try logging out of your trailhead account, logging back in, and retaking the challenge.
Rajasekhar vemulaRajasekhar vemula
Answer: All the above