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Creating a scheduler

Hi All,

I am a bit new in SF Developer and I need to create something that can create a WorkSchedule for the whole week/cut off for an employee.
I have created 2 objects already Employee and Work Schedule but I am stuck on how can I create this schedule for the whole week/cut off/month, I cannot create this record 1 @ time.

Currently, I am trying to create our own TimeSheet wherein our HR Manager can create a create a schedule for each employee. This App is currently very small but I am sure once we have created just the simple timesheet it will become big.

I will really appreciate if anyone can help me with this.

If you can elaborate on the requirement probably with an example it would be easier to give suggestions. So If i  understand correctly, the timesheet and the schedule is created in advance for every week which in case you can create a batch job to assign these to the employees and schedule to run once in a week   
Their schedule will be created like MONTHLY ahead of time while their timesheet will be their saved time stamp when they PUNCH IN and OUT.

I am not sure if this are all correct but if you can suggest anything simple that would really be great. As long as it will work like timesheet then its okay.