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Ravi Jampana 13Ravi Jampana 13 

I am new to salesforce. Let's say there will be three or gs - development, uat and production. To have access to all these, user needs three usernames? How user can connect these orgs with eclipse ide

If development and uat are sandboxes created off of production, then typically (unless modified) the username in those orgs will be the production username with ".[orgname]" appended to the username. You can check this on the user in the sandbox directly to confirm.
Jayson Faderanga 14Jayson Faderanga 14
Adam is correct, if Development and UAT sandboxes are created off of production, you just need to append the sandbox name at the end of the username (considering the username is not modified). Example below.

UAT Name: Full
Development Name: Dev
Username: username@company.com

When you login, you just need to append the name of the sandbox where you are logging into. Put this in when loggin in.

Login to UAT
username: username@company.com.full

Login to Development
username: username@company.com.dev

Please take note the login URL, when logging to sandboxes, you need to use https://test.salesforce.com/ instead of the normal https://login.salesforce.com.

Now, in Eclipse, it's the same. You have a dropdown option where you can select where you want to login, Production, Development, Sandbox, etc. If you select Production, normal login applies, if you select sandbox or development, follow what I wrote above.

NOTE: password is the same.. but if you change username or password in your Production, it will not reflect in your Sandbox unless you refresh your sandbox.