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Santi Ram RaiSanti Ram Rai 

Add Pagination to the List

Hi every body,

Can we implemented this Add Pagination to the List, to custon custom object. I tried but i am getting this types error;
"Unknown property 'Project_Task__cStandardController.PageNumber'
"Unknown property 'Project_Task__cStandardController.Previous'. Please can you help me with this error message?
<apex:page standardController="Contact" recordSetVar="contacts" showHeader="false">
    <apex:form >
        <apex:pageBlock title="Contacts List" id="contacts_list">
            Filter  : 
            <apex:selectList value="{! filterId }" size="1">
                <apex:selectOptions value="{! listViewOptions }"/>
                <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" reRender="contacts_list"/>
            <!-- Contacts List -->
            <apex:pageBlockTable value="{! contacts }" var="ct">
                <apex:column value="{! ct.FirstName }"/>
                <apex:column value="{! ct.LastName }"/>
                <apex:column value="{! ct.Email }"/>
                <apex:column value="{! ct.Account.Name }"/>
            <!--Add Pagination to the List-->
            <table style="width: 100%">
                        <!-- Page X of Y -->
                        Page: <apex:outputText value=" {!PageNumber} of {! CEILING(ResultSize / PageSize) }"/>
                    <td align="center">
                        <!-- Previous page -->
                        <!-- Next page -->
                <!-- active -->
                <apex:commandLink action="{! Previous }" value="« Previous"
                     rendered="{! HasPrevious }"/>
                <!-- inactive (no earlier pages) -->
                <apex:outputText style="color: #ccc;" value="« Previous"
                     rendered="{! NOT(HasPrevious) }"/>
                <!-- Next page -->
                <!-- active -->
                <apex:commandLink action="{! Next }" value="Next »"
                     rendered="{! HasNext }"/>
                <!-- inactive (no more pages) -->
                <apex:outputText style="color: #ccc;" value="Next »"
                     rendered="{! NOT(HasNext) }"/> 
                    <td align="right">
                        <!-- Records per page -->
                        Records per page :
                        <apex:selectList value="{! PageSize }" size="1">
                            <apex:selectOption itemValue="5" itemLabel="5"/>
                            <apex:selectOption itemValue="10" itemLabel="10"/>
                            <apex:selectOption itemValue="15" itemLabel="15"/>
                            <apex:selectOption itemValue="20" itemLabel="20"/>
                            <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" reRender="contacts_list"/>