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Maneesh Gupta 11Maneesh Gupta 11 

Sorting QuoteLine Items on Opportunity Page

Hello Experts,

On opportunities page, there is no option in the page layout for the quote line item related lists to be sorted by a specific column. I would like to sort this related list on any column that I choose. Will I have to develop a custom Sort button for this? And if I do that, can I see the sort results right in the related list on the same opportunities page? Or it needs to be a different VF page?

Please advise
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Ramon PereiraRamon Pereira

By default you can not perform this setting. It is possible to sort the items in the list by date (click options on your list and you will see related all options).

1- You can create a custom button list and through dialogs (jQuery, bootstrap) you can sort the list to the users. Unfortunately with this solution you can not arrange the items in the standard layout.

2-You can customize your page and add all this functionality.
Note: See if this component will help you (<apex: detail>).

3 In its default page, you can add a custom Visualforce containing this customization. In VF customized you can iterating with all items in the related list.
Note: You will create a custom related list.

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