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Interpreting the Developer Console Performance Tree

Please take a look at the screenshot and tell me what the Duration column unit of measure is in. I am trying to help answer this question (https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/#!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=General_Development&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS&id=906F0000000MK4kIAG" target="_blank)so I am looking at the performance tree data for the guy.

Performance Tree Duration - Unit of measure doesn't seem consistent
Mathew Andresen 5Mathew Andresen 5
I believe it's in seconds.  You get 10 seconds of CPU time.
Right which is what I thought but then if you look at the number 4 lines below it shows 1,331.42 which doesn't seem to make sense. And then right below that is 185.50. 
That particular screenshot makes no sense to me either - it suggests that the first line is in seconds and the rest in milliseconds. I'd think that's a bug.
Duration would be total elapsed time, not CPU time.
These are, by the way, two different limits. Duration can include waiting on the database, for locks to be resolved, or callouts returned.

The best way to determine CPU time use that I've seen is to look in the raw debug logs from the limit section - it shows CPU time for each namespace in the execution context.
Thanks Dan that is what I assumed as well. Something funky is going on. Since they combined the CPU and made it a "global" limit I see more and more clients that put crazy workflow rules in and somehow it will sit and process all of them and then the moment it hits a managed package just blows up witht he CPU  limit error. In the case I am working on this customer does a nightly update of 200-500 records. The workflow rules take 37 seconds from the logs and it never executes a line of code in the package because it is out of CPU. Thanks for the input!