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Adam Hayden 6Adam Hayden 6 

Way of Increasing Entitlement Process Limit

Is there a way to increase the Entitlement Process limit? i've tried going through salesforce support but it just keeps sending me here saying

"Developer support for standard customers and partners is supported directly through our community. If you have a developer support question, please click here"

And won't let me fill out a case to submit.

If anyone has any idea's I would greatly appriciate it.

Many thanks,
Adam Hayden
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Welcome to the fun ping-pong that is Salesforce Support.  You need to approach this limit raise through declarative (never mention code, ever!) questions and approaches if you do not have Premier Support.  As soon as Standard Support hears anything about code, even if it's in passing and not really your question, they immediately shoot you here and we can't do anything like that.  We're developers just like you.  =)

Sorry Adam - wish I had a better answer.  =(