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How to fetch top chatter group members in a customer community in apex class

Dear All,

I have developed an visualforce  page to display chatter group details.
In this page I am displaying top topics using connect API. this is working fine.

On the same page I want to display top members of that specific group (may be on the basis of reputation point).
How to do that ? 

Here is the code :
public class CommunityGroupPage 
public ConnectApi.TopicPage topicforgroup{get;set;}
List<CollaborationGroup> chatterGroups = new List<CollaborationGroup>();

public CommunityGroupPage()

Id groupid = apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('id');

chatterGroups = [SELECT id, Name, NetworkId FROM CollaborationGroup where id =: groupid Limit 1];

String comid = chatterGroups[0].NetworkId;
String grpid = chatterGroups[0].Id;   

topicforgroup = ConnectApi.Topics.getRecentlyTalkingAboutTopicsForGroup(comId,grpid);


<apex:repeat value="{!topicforgroup.topics}" var="topicItem">
    <div class="media">
        <a href = "/customer/_ui/core/chatter/topics/TopicPage?id={!topicItem.id}">