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Val SerafimovVal Serafimov 

Full License vs. Chatter plus

We are looking to minimize the number of Full licenses we use and my management would like to use forms for data entry and restrict users to chatter plus license only.  What are we losing going that way? 
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
You'll see the full layout of Chatter Plus license restrictions here:  http://www.salesforce.com/crm/chatter-editions-pricing/

Chatter Plus:
The Chatter Only license is also known as the Chatter Plus license. It is for users that don’t have Salesforce licenses but need access to some Salesforce objects in addition to Chatter. Chatter Plus users can be Chatter moderators and have access to standard Chatter people, profiles, groups, and files pages. They also canView Salesforce accounts and contacts
Use Salesforce CRM Content, Ideas, and Answers
Access dashboards and reports
Use and approve workflows
Use the calendar to create and track activities
View and modify up to ten custom objects
Add records to groups

By default, the tabs for standard Salesforce objects are hidden from Chatter Plus users. Expose these tabs, if you want to make them available to Chatter Plus users. For more information on Chatter Plus users, see Chatter Plus Frequently Asked Questions

I would caution you with this approach if you have ANY use cases outside of this license type - instead, investigate "Platform Licenses" that give you a far greater level of access:

Designed for users who need access to custom apps but not to standard CRM functionality. Users with this user license are entitled to use custom apps developed in your organization or installed from Force.comAppExchange. In addition, they are entitled to use core platform functionality such as accounts, contacts, reports, dashboards, documents, and custom tabs. However, these users are not entitled to some user permissions and standard apps, including standard tabs and objects such as forecasts and opportunities. Users with this license can also use Connect Offline.
Users with this license can only view dashboards if the running user also has the same license.Users with a Salesforce Platform user license can access all the custom apps in your organization.

Each license provides additional storage for Enterprise, Unlimited, andPerformance Edition users. <-- this is a big benefit.