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i want to uncheck the standard check box field on VF Page independent of user changes,how can this be achieved

By standard checkbox do you mean a standard field? If you have a custom or extension controller you can simply change the value on the record before saving it. If you are using a standard controller you'll need to add some JavaScript - I would add some to set the input to checked on load of the page and then blur every time the user tried to focus on it, which would have the effect of stopping them from changing it.
Thank Bob
On the custom edit form the field (All-Day Event) is unchecked but once the form is saved it is checked by default, no triggers or no workflow rules are written, how can this be done
If you are talking about IsAllDayEvent field (Label: All-Day Event), it has a property "Defaulted on create". See below


It might be taking default value(True) on create as you are not supplying any value. Did you try setting this as false in code as Bob mentioned?