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Iqrar AhmedIqrar Ahmed 

Registering Custom Domain

We've created Visualforce site through which users donate donations. This VF site is open up using another wordpress site by clicking donate button which is https://www.abc.com/. Our SEO required to both site run on same domain because Google policy does not allow us to run ads directly on the first URL as the display URL (https://abc.secure.force.com) and the landing page URL (https://www.abc.com) are both different, therefore we've already created custom domain http://donate.abc.com/ in SF by creating a CName record in abc.com Cpanel and set it on donate button link but by clicking button, It always redirecting fromhttp://donate.abc.com/ to https://abc.secure.force.com/ which is salesforce default web address.

Now we've created another CNAME record 'www.abc.com.00d23430430340doigdfaw.live.siteforce.com' but when we're trying to create custom domain with name www.abc.com, then it's showing following error. 

Error: Salesforce.com can't validate the domain. The CNAME record may still be processing (which can take up to 24 hours), or the domain may not belong to you. Make sure the domain name www.abc.com uses www.abc.com.00d23430430340doigdfaw.live.siteforce.com as its CNAME target and try again later. 

FYI: We're following this documentationhttps://help.salesforce.com/HTViewSolution?id=000205653&language=en_US
Check whether this is useful - http://www.infallibletechie.com/2013/08/domain-registration-in-salesforce.html
Iqrar AhmedIqrar Ahmed
Hi Magulan,

Thanks for reply but the document you've provided is about the registering new domain while i've not any issue with registration my as I've already registered custom domain donate.abc.com by creating Cname record in abc.com domain but when i call donate.abc.com on button click from abc.com, then , It's always redirecting from http://donate.abc.com/ to https://abc.secure.force.com/ which is salesforce default web address.
Iqrar AhmedIqrar Ahmed
Please try to understand my problem with this scnerio 

My site default web address is http://mycompany.force.com/Donate

where the first part was provided by salesforce and we have given the suffix as : "Donate"

and our company's public web site name is

http:// mycompany.com

and we click a link on our website :

http://mycompany.com/careers.html, it should take us to the Site home page

which is fine, but the url is changing from

http://mycompany.com/careers.html to http://mycompany.force.com/careers

How can i still keep the url as http://mycompany.com/careers without redirecting http://mycompany.force.com/careers