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Sajiv Kartha 3Sajiv Kartha 3 

Create lightning page with simple html contents like links.

Can I create a lightning page with simple html contents. The side bar is no longer available in the lightning mode.  The client is fine with showing links on the page instead of buttons.  

I need to show these links based on some conditions.  People with some profiles should not have access to some sections.  

Yes this sounds doable with Lightning.  In Spring16 release you'll be able to create a left navigation button/tab pointing to the page and include it in certain profiles.  Otherwise you can drive the links like you said in the page itself.  

These trailhead modules should be very helpful for you:
  • https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/lex_dev_overview/lex_dev_overview_lightning_components
  • https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/en/module/lightning_components
Sajiv Kartha 3Sajiv Kartha 3
Thanks so much Mike and Rupal.. It helped.  I now face another challenge and I will post it as a new question :-)