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Providing space in excel file

Hi Experts,

I am rendering visualforce page as Excel file, i need to provide sapce between two lines , i tried with &nbsp, some other tags and css its not wokring at all, could anyone tell me how to do that.

<td><b>Display requried</b>
diplay while records      (Please choose one of the field )</td></tr>

i want to display like this could anyone help me please
Pruthvi KankunthalaPruthvi Kankunthala
@TheLearner : Try the html tag <br/> .
Hi Pruthvi,

I tried br tag as well, its going to next cell, i dont want next cell  i want with in the same cell,with in the td tag
Gyanender SinghGyanender Singh
Hi TheLearne,

Please try the below code:
<td><b>Display requried</b>
diplay while records <span style="margin-left:10px">(Please choose one of the field )</span></td></tr>

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