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Nisha WarrierNisha Warrier 

Looking for Salesforce admin/developer volunteering options

Hi ,
I am a certified Salesforce administrator,currently pursuing Salesforce developer certification.
 I would like to volunteer my time to help a non-profit with any Salesforce.com admin/developer tasks to gain more experience in the field.
I was working with an MNC with 7 years development experience in Java.
I am located in Westborough, MA region, but naturally, can work remotely with any English-language org.
If you have any opportunities for me, please feel free to email me on nisha.m.warrier@gmail.com

Nisha, try www.catchafire.org to find non-profits that are looking for volunteers to perform some Salesforce work. Also try asking around at your local non-profits to see if there are any opportunities. You should also check out the Boston user groups in the Success Community: