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Roger PavelleRoger Pavelle 

Quick Start: Heroku Connect - Prepare the App for Local Development


I seem to be having a problem logging into Heroku from the command prompt. 
As instructed in the third part of the Trailhead, I type in "Heroku Login".
A message appears asking "Would you like to submit Heroku CLI information to better improve the CLI user experience [y/N]"
It doesn't seem to matter whether I submit y or N. 
Either way, I get the following error statement: "!     error getting commands pid 9664 SIGSEGV <signal 11."

Any suggestions?

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Anuj PatelAnuj Patel
I faced similer issue, 
Check to see if you have any anti-virus that is blocking heroku-cli.exe.Try Restoring it and and remove it from suspected list of any of your anti viruses. 

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