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Glenn Nyhan 26Glenn Nyhan 26 

Process Builder Issue with Closing Case If Email Field Blank

Here is my problem, and hoping someone can help with this. I set up a Process in Process Builder so that when we close a Case an email is sent to the tenant (we are a nonprofit specializing in helping tenants with landlord issues and tenant legal rights), thanking them and also requesting they go to our survey page to take a brief satisfaction survey so we can guage the effectiveness of our volunteer hotline reps. The problem occurs when we have a tenant who doesn't have an email address, and this is going to happen fairly frequently as we deal with many low income folks that don't have computer access. The Process is set that when the Case Status field is changed to Closed the email is sent, but when the email field is empty I get an error message and the Case record can not be converted to Closed. There are no problems when we have any email address, that works smoothly. I've tried several approaches to fix this and so far no luck. Anybody have a solution?