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CTI Rules not working

Really could use some help here.  The developers for our new Call Center software say this is a problem with Salesforce since there are rules for this and they aren't working.  Others have stated that we need to use a newer console view, but maybe there is a better solution since our Technical Support teams prefer the classic console to the Enhanced or Lightning Console.  I submitted this as a ticket to Saleforce and all I got was, This is a developer issue, case closed.  So, here I am...

"Why is it that when using the standard/classic console and we have our G+Connector set for screen pop to open within new browser window or tab we continually get the popups anyways? Looks like Salesforce isn't obeying the CTI 2.0+ rules. This is causing an overload of work because the popup appears on ALL open tabs. Our techs have to continually go back through all their tabs to close of the popup...every time we get a call."

Any help is greatly appreciated. 
(Sorry if I post this in the wrong category...please point me to correct one if I did.)

Thanks,  Scott