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Andrew SchellAndrew Schell 

Salesforce Anagrams or Analogies.

Up early working on Philosophy course and I need to take a break from the world of what makes a thing a thing and what is the nature of Plato vs Socrates. (walking away head spinning)

Lets go back to the world of Salesforce, when I was in 7th grade Mr Nettleton taught me that King Phillip Chases Old Fat Girl Scouts while nearly falling out of my seat in laughter I have to this day 32 years later have the order memorized on how to organize all living beings.
Kingdom - Phylum - Class - Organia - Family - Genus and Species.

Is there a KPCOFGS for Salesforce, something that is a corny anagram, analogy or way of remembering steps that you can think of?
I am the Admin and Developer for a non profit, so we are doing alot of process building and many custom fields.

Any ideas are welcome and if we can use your idea I will send you a $25 gift card to your choice of Starbucks or Amazon.

Thanks in advance.

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