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Rajarshi PainRajarshi Pain 

Loan processing app - create multiple users and assign role to them


I am new the salesforce, so dont have much expertise on this subject. I was trying to create a app/portal for loan processing.
and I want below finctionalities on this :-

1. user registration and generate user id and password
2. Login to user accoung and Request loan
3. It will go first level approver anf then 2nd level
4. once approved it will be notified to user.

can you please guide how I can achive this ? I mean how I can create multiple users and assign role to test this apps functionalities

Hi Rajarshi ,
Will this application be diretly accessible to customer ,for raising the loan request? Or Salesforce Internal user will raise the request for particular User?


Rajarshi PainRajarshi Pain

Hi Smita,

Now I want to use the internal salesforce use to raise a loan request on behalf of a customer. 

but I want check how the appaovals are working (using internal salesforce user from my dev account) :- I mean beafore 1 st level approval, 2nd level will not be able to seet hs request and once 1 st approver approved it will not be there for him and will move from his queue to 2nd level.

can you please help me to achieve this ?


Rajarshi PainRajarshi Pain
any help on this please ?
Sofiia SovchenkoSofiia Sovchenko
Hello, maybe this post about the whole process of loan lending app development (https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-create-a-money-lending-app/) will help you. You can also seek advice here.