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Jack VolkovJack Volkov 

Clean Company Name Field Formula

Sharing this in case anyone else needs it.  Here is a formula field for clean company name. 
",", " ") /*remove commas*/,
".", " ") /*remove periods*/,
" inc", "") /*remove inc*/,
" Inc", "") /*remove Inc*/,
" INC", "") /*remove INC*/,
" llc", "") /*remove llc*/,
" Llc", "") /*remove Llc*/,
" LLC", "") /*remove LLC*/,
" Ltd", "") /*remove Ltd*/,
" LTD", "") /*remove LTD*/,
"Corporation", "") /*remove Corporation*/

If you have an improved version please post :)
Alper Tunga GülbaharAlper Tunga Gülbahar
This seems shorter if you don't need the case sensitive name of the company.
Gary SalvadorGary Salvador
Where and how did you use this?
Gary SalvadorGary Salvador
Hi Jack, Where did you put this formula?
Carrie Nunemaker 13Carrie Nunemaker 13
This was amazing to find! Thank you for posting it. 
Jack VolkovJack Volkov
Elliot MacNeille on our team discovered Salesforce formulas - at least ‘CONTAINS()’ function - may be case sensitive. Even if they are not some substitutes can be saved by leveraging ’LOWER()’