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Carla CookCarla Cook 

How-to pass record id to visualforce page

 I have a button that initiates this url: ....../apex/VSPageStandardControllerPagePainting?engId={!Engagement__c.Id }
In my Visualforce page,  how to I capture the engId so I can then use it in the code?    I think I use the following in some way,  but how?
 What is the complete code syntax?  
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Jagjeet Singh 13Jagjeet Singh 13
Please use this :

Carla CookCarla Cook
thanks.  Now to what to I assign it?  How do I get it into a variable that I can then use later in the code?

Carla CookCarla Cook
I found that this displays the engId:   Current Page parameters.engid is: {!$CurrentPage.parameters.engId}  
Is this okay?