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Niraj Kumar 9Niraj Kumar 9 

I need a trigger to count all task related to Account, contact, opportunity and update the Account task with sum of all task related to Account, Opportunity and Contact.

Please help anyone.Its urgent.
Need to write a trigger on task object to count all tasks related to account, contact and opportunity.

Account task =2, Opportunity task(related to this Account )=1, Contact task(related to this Account)=3
In Account count field Shows =6.

It sounds like you're looking for someone to write the code for this project. These forums are not meant for that; you'll want to post over on the AppExchange site [1] where you can match up with a developer looking to work on your project.  If you have code that you have tried and have specific issues with it we will be more than happy to help you.

NOTE: When including code please use the "Add a code sample" button (icon <>) to increase readability and make referencing code easier.

[1] https://appexchange.salesforce.com/developers