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Varma AlluriVarma Alluri 

Extract large data record from salesforce 35 million.

I have 35 million records in my salesforce org against 1 custom object....I need to extract those records based on the filter conditions.
In workbench it keeps on loading but unable to fetch the record . Same with data loader.
Do we have any tool or any other way to extract the records ?
Hello Varma,

The SOQL query can fetch only 50K records (same with Workbench/Data Loader too).

Go through below links , if that helps :


If needed on VF page :


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Varma AlluriVarma Alluri
@cloudGeek: THanks for the post.
Currently I am not using a batch but I need a file (may be .csv) which will have all the records 35 M based on some filter conditions.
Like if Account has 35 million records... I wanted a csv with the below query

SELECT ID,NAME from ACCOUNT where name !='New Account';
Like I posted above, You may want to try the suggestions discussed in here :

Raja Durai 28Raja Durai 28
To handle Large Data Volume (LDV), You should use BULK API option. Or you can use any appexchange backup tools
Tara RootTara Root
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