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sampath pallisampath palli 

interview questions for experienced sfdc developers

Hi All
can you please share interview questions and different senarios which ask for experienced sfdc developers
Rahul kumar 195Rahul kumar 195
I am also looking for that.
Srinivas SSrinivas S
1. http://www.srinusfdc.com/p/interview-questions.html
2. http://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/tag/interview-questions/

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John BeckyJohn Becky
Hi Salesforce Devs,
Check out the latest Salesforce Interview Questions,

Salesforce Interview Questions (https://techjobs.sulekha.com/interview-questions-answers/salesforce)
Salesforce Developer Interview Questions (https://techjobs.sulekha.com/interview-questions-answers/salesforce-developer)
Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions (https://techjobs.sulekha.com/interview-questions-answers/salesforce-administration)

John Paul
Akanksha BhardwajAkanksha Bhardwaj

Go through the following links. They have detailed answers to all question.
1. http://www.salesforce-interviewquestions.com/p/interview-questions.html
2. http://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/tag/interview-questions/
Manikant Manikant 8Manikant Manikant 8
Hi , 
This Form is only for those who need SalesForce Certification Help, previously asked questions and recently asked questions . Just Fill the required fields and I will get back to you within some hours.
If you want certification Help for ADM201 , I guess this link would surely help you.A lot of members have cleared through this . This link of the book is https://gum.co/FSym or http://imojo.in/1nxzea . It contains all the interview questions and ADM201 Certification recently asked all q&a with scenario based questions.

Sekar Raj 8Sekar Raj 8
Arun Garg 9Arun Garg 9
Deloitte , Capgemini and Cognizant Scenario/ Non-Scenario based Salesforce Developer Interview Questions Guys right now I am posting interview Question without solution but I will post answer of all question very soon. (http://www.salesforceadda.com/p/interview-questions.html)

sekar Raj 11sekar Raj 11
try the below link for salesforce interview preparation. it has around 20 links for popular blogs with a set of latest interview questions and answers details.
Daisy ScottDaisy Scott
Find Top 30 Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers like-
  • What are the advantages of Salesforce CRM?
  • Explain the meaning of custom objects in Salesforce?
  • Explain Object relationship summary
  • Describe the functionality of custom object in sales force?
  • Describe the meaning of object relationship overview?
Get answers for above questions here- Top 30 Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers (https://www.janbasktraining.com/blog/top-salesforce-interview-questions-and-answers/)
Check the below link for more questions

sekar Raj 11sekar Raj 11
Try the below link for salesforce interview preparations
http://technologyviews.site/2018/04/04/best-practices-for-apex-code-in-salesforce/ (http://technologyviews.site/2017/12/25/salesforce-interviewqa/)
PFA the link.
Please find the below link.

farukh sk hdfarukh sk hd
This will help you,

Salesforce Interview questions,

Salesforce Interview questions scenario based,

naresh kitsnaresh kits
Great post. Wonderful information and really very much useful. Thanks for sharing and keep updating.
https://www.kitsonlinetrainings.com/informatica-data-quality-online-training.html (https://www.kitsonlinetrainings.com/informatica-mdm-online-training.html)

Arlind BillaArlind Billa
hi, how can I test the below code?
List<K8sms.Message> smsList = new List<K8sms.Message>();
if(c.M1_Status__c == 'Merged'){
if(c.Desired_Communication_Channel__c == 'Viber') {
IBOmniMessage m1 = new IBOmniMessage();
m1.toPhoneNumber = c.MobilePhone;
m1.smsText = c.M1_Message_to_Send__c;
m1.viberText = c.M1_Message_to_Send__c;
m1.viberExpiryText = 'IUTE Viber text expired';
m1.viberButtonCaption = 'Go to portal'; //Example. Not used ATM
m1.viberButtonAction = 'www.iutecredit.com'; //Not used ATM
m1.viberImage = ''; //Not used ATM
m1.sendAt = c.M1_Send_Time__c; //Gateway handles the timing
m1.scenarioKey = AppCustomSetting.scenarioKey; //Class holds gateway and app configuration
// Send
String r1 = m1.send();
c.M1_Message_Id__c = m1.messageid;
if (r1.contains('PENDING') ) {
c.M1_Status__c = 'Sent';
else {
c.M1_Status__c = 'Failed';
c.M1_Merge_Body__c = 'Fail status: ' + m1.status;
shubham singh 128shubham singh 128
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Naveen KNNaveen KN
Interview questions and answers on lightning framework



Thomas John 2Thomas John 2
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Siri A 6Siri A 6
Find Advanced Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers like-
Thomas JohThomas Joh
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Ayush K 5Ayush K 5
Hey, maybe the InterviewBit (https://www.interviewbit.com/salesforce-interview-questions/) platform might help you understand what questions to expect in a Salesforce Interview.
Please check on below link. 

Ben Christian 8Ben Christian 8
This is the proper URL for Salesforce interview questions and answers (https://www.crsinfosolutions.com/155-salesforce-interview-questions-with-answers-latest/
Thomas John 16Thomas John 16
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