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Can anyone help me out for the trigger

I have a object called Investor_Banking_Info_Entries__c ,I am uploading  bank account number,Transaction Amount the CSV file using VF page and apex classes,
I am uploading the bank account number in Investor_Banking_Info_Entries__c,
I have a another object called Bank_Account__c ,i have to check if the

bank account number = Bank_Account__c.Account_number,

If both account number is  same,i want to update the tranaction amount in another object called  loan__Investor_Fund_Transaction__c object.

trigger AutoPostingEntries on Investor_Banking_Info_Entries__c (after delete, after undelete,after update) {
     set<Id> accIds = new set<Id>();
     if(trigger.isinsert || trigger.isUpdate || trigger.Isundelete)
        for(Investor_Banking_Info_Entries__c con: Trigger.new)
  List<Account> accList = [select  id,Bank_Account__c ( Select Id,name,loan__Bank_Name__c,Name_as_per_Bank__c,loan__Bank_Account_Number__c from Bank_Account__r ) from Account Where ID IN :accIds ] ;