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How to capture Chatter's LIKE event in apex?

I want to capture Chatter's LIKE event in Apex. Is there any way to achieve it. Any solution(s)?

Not sure what you mean by 'capture,' but you can Cmd+F (or Ctrl+F) 'like' on that page and you will find a number of methods which should help you. 
Thanks, Replier
In fact, we want to override the default email template send to the community member, whenever some feed is 'LIKED'. This email is generated when a community member click on 'LIKE' link under the post. We want to get some event and then write a trigger on some object to override/avoid default email, but sent our customized email to the member. So, that's what actually we want to achieve. Answers required in this regard. Hopefully, I've elaborated it more.