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Bill HaackBill Haack 

SOQL Junction Query

I have a Junction object name AcctContactAff which I use to create a many-to-many relationship between Contacts and Accounts and stores (among other things) the title of the person at the account.

Being new to SOQL I am really struggling to get the following to work:

SELECT Id, Name, NPI__c,
(SELECT Title__c FROM AcctContactAff__r)
FROM Contact

When I run this I get the error message: "Didn't understand relationship 'AcctContactAff__r' in FROM part of query call."

However, I can get the query to work when I do this:

SELECT Contact__r.id, Contact__r.Name, Title__c, Name
FROM AcctContactAff__c

I absolutely need to run the query from the Parent object not the Child object.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the first query statement?
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Alex SelwynAlex Selwyn
In the AccContactAff object open the 'Contact' relationship field. There should be child relationship name.  Make sure the name matches the child query. <Child relationship name>__r.


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Alex SelwynAlex Selwyn
In the AccContactAff object open the 'Contact' relationship field. There should be child relationship name.  Make sure the name matches the child query. <Child relationship name>__r.

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Viviana Hernández PeñaViviana Hernández Peña

this is the complete code:

I do not want to bring all the contacts associated with the account for sending email, I want it to be sent only to the contact associated with the contact to the invoice.

                //send email 
                //subject="{!Relatedto.fw1__Payment_Receipt_Email_Subject__c}" recipientType="Contact" relatedToType="fw1__Payment__c">

                //String c = ('SELECT Id, Name, Email FROM Contact where AccountId = \''+ accId +'\' and Email != null and Name != null');
                //List<Contact> listofContacts = [SELECT Id, Name, Email FROM Contact where AccountId = :accId and Email != null and Name != null];
                List<fw1__Invoice__c> listofContacts2 =  [SELECT Id FROM fw1__Invoice__c where Email_Contacto__c != null];

                List<Contact> listofContacts =  [SELECT Email FROM Contact where AccountId = :accId and Email != null];
                String[] toRecipients = new List<String> ();

                Integer count = 0;
                for (Contact oneContact : listofContacts)
                    if (count > 0)

                Id orgWide = [SELECT Id FROM OrgWideEmailAddress limit 1].id;

                for (fw1__Payment__c payment : paymentList)
                    //String[] toRecipients = listofContacts;
                    String templateApiName = 'Standard_Payment_Receipt_v3_9';
                    ID targetObjId = listofContacts[0].Id;
                    ID whatId = payment.id;
                    ID orgWideEmailId = orgWide;
                    Boolean saveAsActivity = true;

                    sendTemplatedEmail(toRecipients, templateApiName, targetObjId, whatId, orgWideEmailId, saveAsActivity);


            } catch(DmlException e) {
                System.debug('The following exception has occurred: ' + e.getMessage());
            } catch(Exception e) {
                System.debug('An exception occurred: ' + e.getMessage() + ' Stacktrace: ' + e.getStackTraceString());

    //  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    //  HELPER method: sendTemplatedEmail
    //  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    public void sendTemplatedEmail(String[] toRecipients, String templateApiName, ID targetObjId, Id whatId, ID orgWideEmailId, Boolean saveAsActivity) {
        //  templateId   must be ID of an Email template
        //  targetObjId must be a Contact, User, Lead Id -- also used in merge fields of template recipient.xxxx
        //  whatId    must be an SObject that is used in the merge fields of the template relatedTo.xxxx
        //  fromId    if non null, use current user, otherwise, use this ID (most likely an org wide no reply id)
        //  bcc      not permitted when using templates

        Messaging.SingleEmailMessage email = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();

        Id templateId;
        try { templateId = [select id, name from EmailTemplate where developername = :templateApiName].id; }
        catch(Exception e) {
            System.debug('[U-03] Unable to locate EmailTemplate using name: ' + templateApiName +
                         ' refer to Setup | Communications Templates ' + templateApiName);

        email.setSaveAsActivity(saveAsActivity); // save email as activity on the targetObjId (i.e. Contact). Note activity can't be saved on Users

        System.debug(LoggingLevel.INFO, '** entered sendTemplatedEmail, to:' + toRecipients + ' templateId:' + templateId + ' tagetObjId:' + targetObjId +
                     ' whatId:' + whatId + ' orgWideEmailId: ' + orgWideEmailId);
        try {
            Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] { email });
        catch(EmailException e) { System.debug('[U-02] sendTemplatedEmail error. ' + e.getMessage()); }