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Lamiaâ LATIFLamiaâ LATIF 

how can i display a webservice into salesforce?

Go through this link for sample example

Did not get your query right ? You want to display webservice means , you want to get daya from a different system and show it in VF ?
Alice SmithAlice Smith
Create the webservice using apex in salesforce and consume it in C#.Net application.

In Salesforce create below class:

global public with sharing class SaveExpenditureWebService
             webservice static Expenditure__c createExpenditure(Decimal amount,String expName, String paidByName )
               Expenditure__c c = new Expenditure__c();
               Person__c p = [Select p.Name From Person__c p Where Name = :paidByName limit 1];
               c.Amount__c = amount;
               c.Name = expName;
               c.Exp_Date__c = Date.today();
               c.Paid_By__c = p.Id;
               insert c;
               return c;

Alice Smith
App Developer
Justin White 43Justin White 43
You can expose your Apex class methods as a REST or SOAP web service operation. By making ... resources. The application calls an Apex web service class to manage Salesforce case records. ..... The test results display in the Tests tab. More at Click Here (http://centralmenus.co.uk/smiths-ongar-menu-prices-locations/)