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Joseph Ucuzoglu 3Joseph Ucuzoglu 3 

Has Salesforce development been slower for you lately?

The last couple of days it has seemed like saving and deploying changes on a number of different instances via Mavens Mate seems to be taking quite a bit longer than usual.

Has anyone noticed a similar slow down? In some cases it has been faster to edit the code directly on the instance via the web and deploy via changesets.

Saving a class/trigger is taking on average 6-8mins which seems quite a bit longer than I am used to.
I don't see any such a huge time differences in saving the class or triggers. FYI you can always check the status and performance of your instances in this following link - http://trust.salesforce.com/
Vasani ParthVasani Parth
++ . Didn't found any issues as such . You should always access http://trust.salesforce.com/  for real-time information on system performance and security.