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Merge VF Page rendered as Word doc with another Word doc[attachment/Static Resource]

Hello All,

I am looking at getting help for merging two word documents. Below is the smaple code i have tried and not working. Please help me with sample code.
1. The first doc one is a VF page rendered as word doc.
2. The second doc is an attchment/Static Resource. 

Sample Code
1. VF Page
<apex:page renderAs="" contentType="application/vnd.msword#TC.doc" controller="TCCont">
    <apex:outputText value="{!textFromSomeUniqueName}">

2. Controller

public class TCCont {
    public Attachment textFromSomeUniqueName {
        get {
            Attachment att = [Select Body from Attachment where ParentId='a089000001ZtT8m' ];
            return att;