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Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos 

I can't get a list of visible feed items

I'm trying to use ConnectApi to get a list of FeedItems.

I have four questions assigned to managed topics that I can list using Salesforce Workbench.

When I call ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.getFeedElementsFromFeed(communityId, ConnectApi.FeedType.Home) from an Apex Class, that returns a ConnectApi.FeedElementPage without any FeedElements in it.

Here is the queries from the Workbench:

User-added image

I queried the TopicAssignment object and could also see the questions and the assigment to topics:

User-added image

I tried also to open the Chatter feed from a community I'm creting and I could see the questions there.

My question is: Is there anything I'm not setting up correctly, preventing me to list the Chatter Feeds related to the ConnectApi.FeedType.Home?
Had anyone ever ran into this problem of not being able to list feed item questions using the Chatter in apex API?