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Kellyn MoranKellyn Moran 

We're using JSON for a call to Avatax TaxSvc in our sandbox and aren't able to test a connection

Topic: API / Apex / Visualforce

We are using custom code to call out to Avatax in an Apex class and related wrappers.

We cannot seem to test the connection through our Tax Now settings in Salesforce (we get the error and tried a few things to resolve from this link: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F000000099GbIAI ). 

Based on a log from Avalara, it looks like they're not seeing the call out at all. We need a way to test the call out from SF. 

Thank you!

We need to be able to test the connection
John AlwanJohn Alwan
Have you opened up the network access?  Under Setup > Secutiry Controls > Network Access.  You should be able to put in the IP addr of the Tax Now server or range...