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Peter KayePeter Kaye 

What is the situation with the Office Toolkit and the Excel Connector in Winter '16 ?

Back in 2013 I used the code in the Excel Connector to get the SF objects needed for ODBC access to the SF database.  Recently I tried to re-run this code and it failed to connect to the current SF release  - 2015.  I now have another use for getting SF data into a VBA script.   All the downloadable code currently available is old -   2011 or earlier -  so it seems to me likely that the object library is now inconsistent with current SF.

Is anyone using the Excel Connector with Winter '16 ?

Scott Haleo 4Scott Haleo 4
Hi Peter,

You can get more ideas from this below link.


If again you have any questions then I will be here to help you.


Scott Haleo
Peter KayePeter Kaye
Thanks Scott for the URL.  I have used the SF connector before but I don't believe it works with the current SF version.

In my view the way  forward on this is to purchase an ODBC driver  see http://www.cdata.com/drivers/salesforce/odbc/

My initial testing with this suggests it is robust - allowing read and write access.

If anyone disagrees with this view or has some better ideas please reply. Thanks.