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Possible to return a specific value from a custom object with a formula?

I have one custom object named Consulting and another called Hours. I have a lookup relationship between these two. When a user select a conulting item from the loopup and enter a number of users associated with the service, I want to find the number associated with the Hours object.

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For example, let's say the Hours object has these 3 services and hours based on the number of users. If a user selected IT Service in the look up and entered 50 users, I'd like to return 10 hours. Or if they select Training and 100 users, I'd like to return 30 hours. Is this possible?
Sorry, it doesn't making any sense to me. Could you please explain again. Before offering my suggestion I want to understand your requirement first 
Hi Rakesh. Sorry for the confusion it was late and I was stumbling through a couple of different problems and asked the wrong question. Since then, I believe I have solved my own issue.