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Anh DinhAnh Dinh 

Update fields of other Object when run workflow for other object

Hi all,

I have the issue with workflow and i didn't find any solution for that. 

i have 2 objects type, Opportunity and Case. I created a workflow for Case object and i want when it run, i can update some fields of other object, in this case that object is Opportunity.

As i investigated, workflow only supports to update fields of object which is selected when create workflow.

Does SF support it ?

Thanks so much !!!
Have you created any direct relationship between Case and Opportunity? If yes, you can achieve this using process builder.
Prateek Singh SengarPrateek Singh Sengar
Salesforce have ability to perfrom cross object field update, however for this to work there should be master-detail relationship between these object. Since the object in question are Opportunity and Case I would say its not possible using standard point and click funcitonalities. Having said that you can always create a trigger and achieve this.

For information on cross object field update please refer to the below link: