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I feel shortchanged by the Superbadges.

There is no actual superbadge you can download or display on LinkedIn when you earn one.  Just finished my Reports and Dashboards superbadge, and there was nothing.  What a waste. 
Scott Haleo 4Scott Haleo 4
Hi Ryan,

This is a similar issue I have seen in community.


Or you can also use this add trailhead badges to Linkedin Library.


Let me know if you need any more help from me.


Scott Haleo

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ryan,

If you missed the opportunity to add your badge to LinkedIn after completing your module, you need to manually enter it into your LinkedIn profile.

You can go to your LinkedIn profile and under Add certificate -> Certification Name & Certification Authority (Salesforce Trailhead).

For reference, you can check the below Developer Forum link.

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