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Manish Anand 10Manish Anand 10 

Overrinding Standard logout button in salesforce


Is there anyway, I can overirde standard logout button in salesforce. My requirement is:-
When a user clicks on Logout button, a pop up should appear confirming, if he wants to de-active his salesforce id.Clicking on 'yes' should de-activate his salesforce id.
Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Manish,

I don't think this is possible using out of the box configuration. If you were using Communities it can be configured - See 



Otherwise your options are to:

Try and manipulate the /secur/logout.jsp link with a retUrl parameter. I suspect the retUrl will need to be within the Salesforce domain.

Use the API logout methods.
Without official support attempting to change the overriding Logout button will  be a hack and error prone.

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