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and one more... question

1.what opportunity line item in salesforce & what the use..
2.who to rectifiy view state error in salesforce.
3.what is transcent key  and varaible key use....
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Hi sfdc start

Ans 1 : When you add a product to Opportunity it is called Opportunity Line Item  which you use during your slaes.
Ans 2 : Best Practices for Optimizing View State
1) Minimize Number of Forms on a Page
2) Declare Variables as Transient to Reduce View State
3) Recreate State versus Storing It in View State
4) Use Custom Objects or Custom Settings to Store Large Quantities of Read-Only Data
5) Refine Your SOQL to Retrieve Only the Data Needed by the Page
6) Refactor Your Pages to Make Its View Stateless

Ans 3 3: Use the transient keyword in your Apex controllers for variables that aren’t essential for maintaining state and aren’t necessary during page refreshes.